Guy Ritchie Impressed By Madonna's Concert

August 25, 2008 By:
Guy Ritchie Impressed By Madonna's Concert

Everybody is ranting and raving about Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour! Even her own hubby Guy Ritchie admits he was impressed by her performance, the level of production, and the massive amounts of security surrounding his wife.

He says, "It's quite an experience being on tour with the missus. In America you get full-on motorcades and 15-car escorts from the police. In London, you're lucky if you get one rozzer (police officer). It's something else on show night. There will be 20 levels of staff before you get through to see the missus."

He adds, "This is my fourth tour. I went to almost every single show the last time around but I hadn't seen any of this one before tonight. I loved it."

Did you happen to catch Madonna's first concert this past weekend? If you did, leave us your thoughts on her performance.