Guy Ritchie Gives Up Custody of Kids

January 31, 2009 By:
Guy Ritchie Gives Up Custody of Kids

Guy Ritchie is giving up full custody of his kids to ex wife Madonna in a bid to avoid splitting up the family.

Madonna won the residency fight so she is planning on moving to NYC permanently with her kids, but Guy originally wanted the boys with him in London.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "He has always put Rocco and David's future ahead of his own and that is why he has relented.

"He is adamant that he wants to keep the boys and their sister together. He does not want to tear the family apart from each other.

Rocco and David will still see a lot of them. "He is already making plans to visit the children in America and looking at the possibility of them having holidays in England."

Guy seems like a genuinely good guy. He always seemed like he put Madonna and their kid’s needs before him. We're just glad this isn't turning into a really nasty divorce, kids are the ones who suffer most from a bad breakup.