Artist vs. Madonna: I'm Not Out To Destroy Anyone!

May 9, 2012 By:
Artist vs. Madonna: I'm Not Out To Destroy Anyone!

Have you seen the label for the new Truth or Dare perfume by Madonna? RJ Williams sure has and he's not happy about it!

“My initial response is something I probably shouldn't repeat,” Williams told Hollyscoop. “Needless to say there was shock, confusion and several expletives.”

In an interview with Hollyscoop, the Australian artist says he was surprised when he got a call from his ex-girlfriend about a billboard for Madonna’s new fragrance. The packaging on the scented solution bares an “M” logo with undeniable similarities to a symbol Williams had copyrighted in 2011 for The Massive Corporation.

Williams says that Madonna could have seen the logo in a number of places in order to copy it. Members of the “Entourage” cast bought T-shirts at an Australian urban art festival, which featured his symbol on it. There are also stickers throughout public venues in the states like the Mammoth ski resort and restaurant Fred 62 in Los Feliz.

Still, the artist realizes that it could all just be a freaky happenstance.

“It could also be a coincidence, but by accident or on purpose the similarities are unquestionable,” he said.

The logo mix-up could certainly cause branding confusion. Williams is worried that kids who associate the logo with a skateboard shop he runs will drop the brand for fear of being teased for supporting Madonna.

In other words, drawing pop star perfume brand logos on your grip tape just isn’t cool. Who knew!?

The artist respects the pop star and appreciates her contribution to the street art movement. He cited a recent Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles where Madonna displayed much of her own private collection.

No word yet from Madonna or the perfume manufacturer on their side of the issue.

Rebranding at this point would prove costly for the Truth or Dare? product. Williams understands this and has contacted Madonna’s agent to work out an agreement. They have 21 days before a response is due.

“I am not out to destroy anyone,” he concluded. “I just want what is mine to be mine and protected as per my rights under copyright.”