A-Rod's Wife Files For Divorce!

July 7, 2008 By:
A-Rod's Wife Files For Divorce!

Just when Madonna releases a statement insisting that she’s not getting a divorce and she’s not involved with Alex Rodriguez, his wife Cynthia files for divorce.

Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce today in Miami saying that she tried everything to make her marriage work but Alex has "emotionally abandoned" and that he was involved in "extra-marital affairs and other marital misconduct."

Madonna’s name was not in the divorce papers but Cynthia’s lawyer Earle Lilly said that Alex’s relationship with the pop queen was the “last straw.”

Cynthia wants full custody of their two kids along with child support and alimony. She also wants to keep the $12 million dollar mansion in Florida along with her Maybach. She also wants A-Rod to pay off her debt and her attorney fees.

Cynthia has signed a prenup but given the circumstances she will probably get what she wants which doesn’t seem to be too much right?