Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Re-Cap

March 26, 2012 By:
Mad Men Season 5 Premiere Re-Cap

After a hiatus that felt like forever, ok 500 days, but who’s counting, Mad Men returned to AMC with it’s Season 5 premiere. The two-hour premiere opened with Don Draper’s surprise 40th birthday, thrown by his new wife Megan.

Megan sang a sexy version of “Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo” (from the Sophia Loren film, “The Millionairess”) and it embarrassed Don but made every other guy at the party swoon. So then Don’s new sexy wife cleans the house in her underwear, angrily, and the two of them make-up by fooling around on the dirty carpet. Ulch.

There were some shake-ups at the firm. Pete has a new office and Joan has a baby but is still the head cheerleader of the office, or whatever her job title is/was. Oh also, the old guy, Bert, quit at the end of season 4, but turns out he didn’t quit but is still at the office, just kind of shuffling around.

Roger, Joan’s secret baby-daddy, walked around and had witty one-liners as per usual. Peggy pitched a campaign for a Heinz commercial and is sucked and everyone reminded her that it sucked, because in case you forgot, this show is still sexist and racist.

But as much as the show is sexist, it’s still sexy. How do they do it? I don’t know, but for example, when Megan is describing her plans for Don’s surprise birthday she says, “Everyone’s going to go home from this – and they’re going to have sex.” Uhh ok, if you say so?

So, in a nutshell, that’s basically what happened. Also, lots of “Secretary, bring me a sandwich,” and “Secretary, bring me a scotch, on the rocks” also happened.