Jared Leto Is Trying to Make Jared Leto & Lupita Nyong’o Happen

March 11, 2014 By:
Jared Leto Is Trying to Make Jared Leto & Lupita Nyong’o Happen
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Lupita Nyong’o is supposedly happily coupled up with rapper K’naan, but that doesn’t mean Jared Leto isn’t desperately trying to make JARITA (Lupita and Jared’s couple name OBVI) happen.

It all started three months ago when Lupita posted THIS:


Uh, are they dating? Are they besties? They ARE standing pretty CLOSE together…


As awards season continued, they were constantly spotted mugging for the camera together. Like this party in January:

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images


And this dinner:

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Page Six claims that they saw them “looking very close” in February. Rumors swirled that they were dating.


Then Lupita went on "Ellen" to address “the rumors.”


And she effectively SHUT IT DOWN.


Then, when Jared realized Lupita was slipping from his grasp, he joked about their faux-relationship at the Independent Spirit Awards, calling her his “future ex-wife.”


However, the next day at the Oscars, they looked pretty chummy.

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Ulch, photobombing.


Jared knew he had to get his woman back, so THIS cozy photo was taken!

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Although we thought Lupita wasn’t that into Jared, she threw us for a loop when she posted this QUADRUPLE SELFIE!


So, who’s REALLY trying to make JARITA happen!? Huh?