Everyone Is Trying to Be Lupita Nyong’o’s Best Friend

January 20, 2014 By:
Everyone Is Trying to Be Lupita Nyong’o’s Best Friend
Image By: Getty Images / Steve Granitz

If you have been watching any of awards season coverage, you’ve probably noticed that Lupita Nyong’o is WINNING IT ALL.

Not just awards, she’s also winning on the red carpet. She’s been called “the Jennifer Lawrence of 2014 red carpet season” and to be honest, she’s ALL we're talking about.

Everyone in Hollywood is trying REAL HARD to friend the shit out of the recent Yale graduate before she gets too famous even for famous people.  

Look at how everyone’s trying to be Lupita’s friend!

Reese Witherspoon being incredibly concerned with whatever.


Here's Oprah, just moments away from trying to give Lupita a free car or something.


Jennifer Lawrence is like “AHHHH! I’M GONNA EAT YOUR FACE, LUPITA!”


Amy Adams completely stunned by Lupita’s beauty.


Brad Pitt even gave her a welcome nod. A stern, welcome nod.


Sarah Paulson was like, “Look what I found. Lupita.”


Even Morgan Freeman took a break from being an A-list boss and welcomed the new girl.


Matthew McConaughey has never been happier to hug anyone in his entire life.


Sofia Vergara came down from her throne to mingle with the commoners and introduce herself to Lupita.


Lupita and Jared Leto are basically betrothed in this photo.


Emma Thompson and Lupita are only three awards shows in and already on a kissing basis.


Leonardo DiCaprio stopped to say “Hi,” like a politician meeting the people.


And finally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus literally giddy to be in Lupita’s presence.