I Love Lucy! Lucille Ball Turns 100

August 6, 2011 By:
I Love Lucy! Lucille Ball Turns 100

Happy Birthday to Lucille Ball!

Lucille Ball made us laugh for years, heck she’s still making us laugh! Today marks what would be Lucy’s 100th birthday and the world is celebrating by remember the woman who has been called the funniest person on television.

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, N.Y. on August 6, 1911. Lucy and her Cuban born husband married in 1940. Lucy was six years his senior and the two had to list their birth year as 1914 because at the time it was socially unacceptable to marry a younger man. Who knew Lucy was such a cougar?

I Love Lucy started on October 15, 1951 where she starred in the show with her real life husband Desi Arnaz. The show ran for six straight years with 156 episodes on Monday nights. Who knew at that time that it would still be running and making people laugh uncontrollably. I Love Lucy is like Sex and the City. You can watch the same episode over and over again and it feels like it’s the first time you are watching it.

In 1953, Lucy gave birth to Little Ricky and 44 million people were watching. Talk about ratings gold! That was 90 percent of the country.

Lucy and Desi divorced in 1960, but that didn’t stop Lucy from acting in other shows. She also starred in The Lucy Show which ran for 144 episodes, but it was not as great as I Love Lucy.

Lucy passed away in 1989 at the age of 77.

After her death Lucy was granted the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which happens to be the nation's highest honor. The citation read: "Her face was seen by more people more often than the face of any human being who ever lived. Who can forget Lucy? She was like everyone's next-door neighbor, only funnier. Lucille Ball was a national treasure who brought laughter to us all. Love Lucy? Sure. This nation is grateful to her, and we will miss her dearly."

Lucy also won 4 Emmy Awards and was nominated a total of 13 times. She was also the first recipient of the Women in Film Crystal Award.

Google is also paying tribute to Lucille Ball. If you go on Google's homepage you can click play on the tv screen and an episode of 'I Love Lucy' starts playing.