Inside Scoop on Leave it to Llamas

October 15, 2009 By:
Inside Scoop on Leave it to Llamas

Lorenzo Lamas is known best for his roles on Renegade and the Bold and the Beautiful. But he's back on television, this time starring in his very own reality show called Leave It To Lamas.

Hollyscoop caught up with Lorenzo at the Really Awards to get the scoop on the show, which premiered with huge ratings on E! on Sunday night with 2 million viewers.

Lorenzo told us reality is a lot easier on his schedule than scripted TV. "It’s so easy," he says, "I can sleep in the morning then go to the set. It feels as if I’m in a sitcom. The schedule is amazing and I get to work with my kids."

Lorenzo gets to work with his 23-year old daughter Shayne on the show, whom we remember from the Bachelor. Lorenzo's 18-year old AJ is a part of the cast as well. Lorenzo says,
"Shane is amazing but it’s a little more difficult with AJ. We are going through some issues in front of the cameras."

Lorenzo says he wants Shayne to become the star. He says, "I am doing the show to give Shayne the spotlight she deserves. She is a natural comedian and I love how she comes across on the show."

As for AJ, he and Lorenzo aren't talking right now. He says he hopes the show will fix their relationship. Lorenzo hasn't spoken with AJ since the show premiere. He says, "I am very protective of my youngest kids. I don’t want to push them out until they are ready."

As for what we can expect from the season, Shayne tells Hollyscoop, "You can expect everything from drama, breakups, Hollywood BS and relationships."

And speaking of relationships, Lorenzo's ex happens to be Shauna Sand, who is in the news this week for a reported sex tape about to be leaked. Of that, Lorenzo says, "I don’t feel great about it. The children are too young to understand it, if they have any questions I will talk to them about it."

Well if we saw mommy in some of those positions, we'd definitely have some questions! Tune in to Leave it to Lamas every Sunday night on E!