Chris O'Donnell And LL Cool J Team Up for New TV Drama

February 5, 2009 By:
Chris O'Donnell And LL Cool J Team Up for New TV Drama

What do Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J have in common? The answer is, probably not much. But surprisingly, they’re slated to co-star together on a new show.

Executives at CBS are currently working on a spin-off of crime drama NCIS. Chris is in negotiations to play the lead, with L.L. co-starring. The show is scheduled begin filming this month, and will be introduced to it during the next season of NCIS, just as the pilot for the original show was first seen as an episode of 1990s legal drama Jag.

The Hollywood Reporter says O'Donnell would play Callen, an agent whose average exterior makes it easy for him to take on a variety of different identities and perform undercover work. LL Cool J would play former Navy Seal Sam Hannah.

L.L. Cool J has had a relationship with CBS for awhile now. He starred in the network's 2007 pilot The Man and even when that drama wasn't sent to series, CBS attempted to redevelop the project just to stay in business with LL Cool J. So hopefully this project is successful!