Michael Lohan Blogs About "Living Lohan"

May 27, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Blogs About

Good ol' daddy Lohan has written a blog about his ex-wife's new reality show. We could always depend on Michael Lohan to tell it how it is so get a cocktail and read the humorous blog below:

EPISODE 1: "Mommy Will Fix It", MAY 26, 2008

Soooooo, you want a comment on the first episode of Living Lohan?

Well, let's see... If I were to look at things from a wordly perspective, I would probably have a lot to say about exploitation, hypocrisy and even deception — and maybe at a later date, I might just do so.

For now, let's just say I'm still trying to figure out if this show is about managing Ali's career and being a "real" mother, or reading tabloids.

I've had a sneak peek at some future episodes and I will say that some of the people Dina surrounds the kids with still concerns me — again, I can address that when they appear on the show. I just hope Dina takes the high road — like a Lohan would — and rights these wrongs.

If this show is about the being a mother and a manager, the most important thing is to set a good example by instilling positive values, and doing what's right for the kid's sake. Not for our own!

I wish Ali, Cody and Dina the best on the show and pray that they get what they want out of it.