Dina Lohan Didn't Want Lindsay To Do Reality TV

May 20, 2008 By:
Dina Lohan Didn't Want Lindsay To Do Reality TV

Dina Lohan's new reality show airs sometime in the next few weeks so she's been doing a lot of talking to promote the show. Dina says that it was never meant for Lindsay to be on the show because it would not be a good move for her career. What career?

I told Lindsay I don’t want her on the show right now. … Doing reality TV would almost be taking a step backward as far as her career goes,” Dina told TV Guide.

Doing reality would be bad for Lindsay's career but just a few weeks ago she told Radar’s Fresh Intelligence that reality is the new way to go. “Three years ago I would have said, ‘No way am I doing a reality show … but it's just where entertainment is headed. I mean, even J.Lo has one these days.”

Does she think Lindsay's career is more important than J.Lo's? Lindsay needs a lot of bread and butter before she can reach J.Lo status.