Meet The Fockers Sequel in the Works

February 19, 2009 By:
Meet The Fockers Sequel in the Works

Ready for some more Fockers? A sequel to Meet The Fockers is in the works! Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Robert De Niro are all on board to reprise their roles for the next installment, called Little Fockers. Finally!

Hollyscoop spoke to Stiller at the Palm Springs Festival a few weeks back and asked whether there would be a Little Focker anytime soon, he laughed and replied "maybe."

It’s been over four years since Meet The Fockers came out, so this has been a really anticipated sequel. The new movie will be all about Stiller’s character’s kids, and his attempt to appease his disapproving father-in-law Robert DeNiro.

Owen Wilson is said to have a much bigger role in this film than he did in the first two. Same writer, John Hamburg, is on board to do the script. So we can expect those same types of jokes. Some might call it predictable, but who cares? It’s one of those movies that you know you’ll laugh at almost every scene. We can’t wait!

Was Hollyscoop the inspiration for the new title of his movie? We like to think so!