A List Celebrities Ad Targets Poverty

October 24, 2006 By:

The One campaign has released their TV spot which is generating a lot of buzz featuring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and Don Cheadle. The public service announcement shows the A-listers patiently waiting their turn at a voting booth. The queue also includes New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, Toby Keith and Alfre Woodard.

The stars aren’t promoting a political party or a candidate, the ad is an effort to raise support for the ONE Campaign. The Hollyscoop girls are apart of this campaign and we encourage all our readers to join the organization to help make poverty history.

"This is a first step in a long-term effort to start making the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty part of the election conversation, and Americans can be part of that by joining ONE.org," Matt Damon says in the spot, which is slated to run through Nov. 7's Election Day. "Saving lives in the world's poorest countries. Winning the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty," Damon goes on to say. "There aren't two sides to these issues. There is only one. Please vote. ONE.org."

Oscar winning actor George Clooney states, "Both this election and as we start to look toward 2008, you can talk with the candidates, you can get on their Web sites, let them know that you will be asking them about their positions and to do even more to save lives in Africa and the world's poorest countries."

According to the official Web site for ONE (www.one.org), which was launched with the help of U2 rocker Bono, the organization "is a coalition of 2 million people and over 70 non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations." To get more information and join the one campaign Click Here.