Lisa Rinna to Say Goodbye to Her Fat Lips

October 5, 2010 By:
Lisa Rinna to Say Goodbye to Her Fat Lips

What's the first thing you think about when you hear Lisa Rinna's name? Yup, it's her big fat lips!

That's exactly why she's going under the knife to surgically reduce the size of her upper lip.

"My lips started to define who I am," Rinna told People Magazine. "That bothered me."

Last year, Rinna admitted that she went under the knife back in 1986 and had silicone injected into her upper lip. The public's reaction was not so positive.

Rinna says, "I took a big hit for being honest. It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings."

But again, she insists that she did the procedure for herself and not for public approval.

"It doesn't matter what other people think," she says. "I did it for myself."

She says that the reason she went under the knife again was because her lips were starting to feel weird.

Before her lips were "bumpy and uneven … my lip has no lumps! It's smooth."

Wow, it's gonna be weird seeing Lisa Rinna in pictures and actually looking into her eyes. We're usually just looking at her lips.