Witness Speaks Up About Lindsay Lohan Hotel Attack

October 3, 2012 By:
Witness Speaks Up About Lindsay Lohan Hotel Attack

After charges were dropped and headlines have started to fade, a new development has unfolded in the recent Lindsay Lohan attacker story. Claus Hjelmbak, a celebrity booker and witness to the madness, has spoken up and revealed some new insight.

Hjelmbak gave an interview to New York Magazine’s The Cut, painting Lindsay as the obvious victim in the incident.

Here’s how LaBella recollects the event going down…

“I was right there when Ms. Lohan was being choked and attacked,” he said. “It concerns me if this man is not going to be held accountable for his actions. It has come to my attention that he has posed with other celebrities and politicians — I’m just afraid that there’s some kind of obsession. I’m concerned with Ms. Lohan’s safety, with him making that much of an effort to insert himself in her circles.”

As Hollyscoop previously reported, Lindsay accused Christian LaBella of attacking her at the W hotel in NYC when she tried to take his phone that was used to snap photos of her during a night out.

LaBella reportedly schmoozed his way into LiLo’s close circle of friends as a way to get close to the “Liz & Dick” actress.

According to Hjelmbak’s side of the story, Lindsay never became aggressive and, in fact, he describes her as a “very sweet” girl.

When it comes to celebrity drama, this isn’t Hjelmbak’s first rodeo, either… The booker was on sight at the now infamous Brintey Spears shaved head escapade.
With his experience in the field, for Hjelmbak, the inevitable celebrity breakdown is completely understandable.

“Any one of us would panic,” he said. “I would panic if somebody was documenting my night and e-mailing them outside.”

Freaking out or not, this is one gossip story that Hjelmbak doesn’t want to see become old news just yet…

"I hope that a physical attack like this won’t be just another Lindsay Lohan story, but that the public and the authorities will actually take this seriously as a real attack,” he said.