Wilmer Valderrama Says Lindsay Lohan 'Deserves a Second Chance'

June 23, 2011 By:
Wilmer Valderrama Says Lindsay Lohan 'Deserves a Second Chance'

Fez is coming to the rescue of his one-time girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan.

Wilmer Valderrama and Lindsay Lohan dated six years ago, at the peak of both of their careers. Years later, Valderrama is sticking up for Lohan, proving there are no hard feelings:

"Sometimes people have to go through things," Valderrama told People. "We all understand that, and we all deserve a second chance."

I agree. Unfortunately, this is like, her seventh chance.

"I'm not worried about her at all," Wilmer said. "I think she's going to get through this because she is ridiculously talented."
There's no denying that Lindsay is talented at her career. As long as her "career" is falling out of a swimsuit in staged paparazzi shots. She's really talented at that.

And apparently the two are still friends.

"You know, we continue to be great friends. When you love once, you always will, and you have to care."
How sweet. But unlike Wilmer, you guys aren't cutting Lindsay and slack. We asked you if you thought Lindsay deserved another chance, and here's how you answered:

@sweet_bratt: hasn't she had too many already?

@Vanessaxo: No I really don't think it was right

@funkizzle: She is goin 2die,no1 cn help her

@Lydsrodrigues: Oh Lilo! The term was for House Arrest not House Party!!!