Will Lindsay Relapse Again? Psychiatrist Weighs In

August 27, 2010 By:
Will Lindsay Relapse Again? Psychiatrist Weighs In

There is so much speculation over what’s up next for Lindsay Lohan now that she’s been released from rehab. She’s relapsed back into her partying ways in the past, so how are we to believe that this time will be any different.

To put things in perspective, Hollyscoop spoke with psychiatrist John Sharp, MD, who specializes in the treatment of attention deficit, mood, and anxiety
disorders in adolescents and adults. He believes this sensitive time post-jail/rehab is going to be a tough for the troubled star. “The chances of relapse are considerable,” he told us EXCLUSIVELY.

Sharp explained his negative prognosis, saying, “Generally, the longer a person participates in more intensive treatment, the better the odds of sustaining the recovery.”

On the other hand, he adds, “Hopefully though, positive prognostic factors include personal motivation to succeed, intensity of outpatient treatment and of commitment to staying healthy.”

Sharp is skeptical about Lilo’s willingness to stay clean because she was forced into rehab. “She may well have determined for herself that there is a real need to take her health and well being seriously,” he says of Lohan. “Actually, it is fairly common for a person to be ambivalent about the need for treatment in the beginning.”

The doctor says the most important thing is staying in contact with doctors and professionals who have her best interest at heart. “As long as she is able to get to the point where she participates openly and honestly in psycho-education regarding her condition and necessary treatment, there is a good chance at making it work!” he says.

Sounds like Sharp is trying to think positively about Lindsay, but her track record speaks volumes. It’s impossible not to remember how many times she’s screwed up a second, third or fourth chance. Hopefully this will be the time she wakes up and realizes it’s time to make a change.