Why Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Finally Quit

October 25, 2012 By:
Why Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Finally Quit
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It’s easily the hardest job in Hollywood and now the position is open for hire!

Hear this, readers: Lindsay Lohan’s publicist dropped the 26-year-old train wreck faster than Taylor Swift dropped Conor Kennedy…Faster than Beyoncé dropped her baby weight…Faster than Kathie Lee Gifford dropped that innocent puppy on its head…Faster than – ugh – you get the point…

Steve Honig confirms to Hollyscoop that the “Liz & Dick” actress is now publicist-less following his unexpected move to quit.

“I have resigned,” he said. (Drop the mic.)

For about a year and a half now, Honig has been serving as Lilo’s personal firefighter, battling the metaphorical flames left in her headline-blazing trail. 

According to the rep, he resigned as of Wednesday night.

Apparently, chasing after the actress as she passed out in hotel rooms, crashed her Porsche into moving and/or non-moving objects, fleed from five-digit hotel bills, got involved in a home robbery scandal, and helmed screaming matches with her mother Dina, became a little too much to juggle.

I have an ulcer just thinking about his cellphone bill…

What we can confirm with his statement is that all the stress of picking up after Lindsay’s didn’t actually kill Honig.

According to reports Lindsay's recent intervention-gone-wrong episode with her father Michael was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Meanwhile, if you see a Craigslist ad for “Wanted: publicist with thick skin, ability to multi-task and creative skills when coming up with excuses for a client’s erratic behaviors,” it might just be Lindsay reaching out to you on the other end, on the verge of passing out any minute…