Why Lindsay Lohan May Get Away With Jewelry Theft

February 3, 2011 By:
Why Lindsay Lohan May Get Away With Jewelry Theft

Lindsay Lohan is a lucky S.O.B. She may get away with the whole 'stealing an expensive necklace' thing thanks to lack of evidence. Yeah, you heard me, lack of evidence!

Although Lindsay was caught wearing the one of a kind $2,500 necklace, she's claiming the owner of Kamofie & Company told her that she could take the bling on loan. There's no audio on the surveillance tape, so the owner can't prove that he didn't tell her that. It's basically a he-said, she-said situation at this point.

The fact that there's no audio is Lindsay's best hope to avoid prosecution, reports TMZ.

Because Lindsay went to the store often the jewelry storeowner knew where she lived. If he really suspected her of stealing the necklace, he would know exactly where to find it.

Lindsay's definitely done some stupid ass things in the past, but is she dumb enough to steal a necklace while she's on probation? Tell us your thoughts!