Why Lindsay Could Spend a Year in Jail

February 18, 2011 By:
Why Lindsay Could Spend a Year in Jail

Lindsay Lohan isn't in the clear yet. She may have gotten charged with felony grand theft, but there's a chance the D.A. could drop the charge and send her to jail for a year.

Here's how it could all go down: Prosecutor Danette Meyers could go back to court and ask the judge to violate Lindsay's DUI probation on grounds she stole the necklace.

According to TMZ, in a criminal case, the D.A. "must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, in other words, convincing a jury that there's a 98 to 99% chance that she stole the necklace."

All the judge has to decide is that it's more likely than not that she stole the jewelry, that there's a 50.1% chance she did it.

Now back to the felony charge. So why would the D.A. consider dropping the felony grand theft charge? If he does the probation violation case could go back to Judge Fox, who sent Lindsay to jail last year. He was very clear with her that if she violated her probation again he wouldn't hesitate to send her back to the slammer. He lost his patience with Linds a long time ago.

Long story short, its not looking good girl! All of a sudden Charlie's advice to her is looking good. You know it's bad when Charlie is telling you to clean up your act!

Stay tuned for Lindsay updates....