What's Next for Lindsay?

August 25, 2010 By:
What's Next for Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan may be out of the slammer and inpatient rehab, but that doesn't mean she's free to just fall off the wagon again. Everyone is going to keep a very close eye on our party loving starlet.

She will undergo "fairly rigorous outpatient" treatment, her civil attorney Ed McPherson tells Us Weekly.

She's also subject to random drug and alcohol testing until the end of her probation term in August 2011.

Meanwhile, her 22 days in rehab came with a hefty price tag. According to TMZ, it cost over $40K a week to treat Lindsay, who was reportedly misdiagnosed. And get this, her insurance doesn't cover it!

A hearing is scheduled for this morning at a Beverly Hills courthouse before a new judge, Elden Fox, but Lilo is not expected to attend. We hear she's holed up in her apartment and only close friends and family members are allowed to visit. We're hoping Lilo has cleaned up her act in the past few weeks, but only time will tell.