The Wanted: Lindsay Lohan Bunks With The Boys on Tour Bus

December 10, 2012 By:
The Wanted: Lindsay Lohan Bunks With The Boys on Tour Bus
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So remember when we reported that Lindsay Lohan was hanging out with (i.e. stalking) Max George from The Wanted? Yeah, well, Lindsay has officially moved into their tour bus. She and Max are reportedly hooking up now AND Max basically outed Lindsay as a vodka slinging party girl. 

Hollyscoop caught up with The Wanted at Jingle Ball in NY and asked about the rumors that Lindsay had been partying on The Wanted’s tour bus and the guys told us that she’s basically sleeping with them. Well, in so many words.

When asked where Lindsay supposedly rests her head on the bus, the guys told us, “[there’s] no separate space, she bunks with the boys.”

I could think of one boy in particular…

They also added that “it’s nice to have a girl around, she keeps us in check!”

Really? Because that’s not what The Wanted is revealing in other interviews.

We reported that Lindsay made an appearance at the Jingle Ball concert in Philly last week, well, we didn’t know that she and Max George were making out all over the place backstage and even checked into a hotel in Boston together the next night.  

Then, Max apparently doesn’t know that Lindsay likes to pretend to the media that she’s sober or whatever, because he just did an interview with NY radio station Z100 talking up Lindsay’s partying ways, “She always brings vodka to the table, that’s definitely one thing…it’s fine. She’s good company.”

He also told Us Weekly, “I love that she can party nearly as hard as we can.”

How did Lindsay even meet The Wanted? Last I checked, she was showing up at their concerts and just creeping her way into their after parties. Damn, why are we all NOT trying that?

Then, because Lindsay wanted to flaunt to the world that she’s hooking up with the popstar, she tweeted directly at Max George, writing, “Missing something?” and then tweeted a picture of his sweatshirt. Ohh, c’mon! Really, Lindsay? Posting articles of his clothing that he undoubtedly left in your hotel room? Amateur.