Video: Lindsay Lohan Parodied Again and Thinks it's "Pathetic"

September 2, 2011 By:
Video: Lindsay Lohan Parodied Again and Thinks it's

Lindsay Lohan has been parodied (again) in a video and thinks it’s “pathetic” but at least this time she’s not suing! (Yet!)

Mena Suvari has made a parody music video with actress Dania Ramirez called “Ass and T-tties” where they poke fun at celebs like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Lindsay Lohan. In one scene she dresses up like Lilo and is seen shoplifting from a boutique.

Suvari is most famous for her role as Angela Hayes in American Beauty and Ramirez is a small time actress who once played Turtle’s girlfriend in a couple episodes of Entourage.

Lindsay thinks the parody is “pathetic” and “petty” and thinks these two actresses are using her name and public misfortunes as a way to stay relevant. Which is exactly what they are doing, have you ever heard of Dania Ramirez before today? Exactly.

In the LiLo parody, Suvari has long tangly blonde hair, a fedora worn low, a tank top and leggings a ‘la LiLo’s uniform from a year ago. When the video begins Mena Suvari is introduced as “Mena Suvari as Lindsay Lohan,” just so there is no confusion, that yes, she is making fun of LiLo.

In the next scene the “LiLo” character goes to a boutique, ogles a necklace that looks just like the one that Lindsay stole and then shoves the necklace down her dress before Suvari and Ramirez’s character (dressed as Nicki Minaj) run out of the store, giggling while singing “think like a clepto, gotta grab it.”

In the next scene, Mena is still dressed as Lindsay and stumbles around fidgeting with her ankle brace while licking a bottle of Jack. Yah, it goes there.

They also parody Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s sex tape footage, which is arguably more offensive than Lindsay’s “necklace incident.” No word yet if Kim’s seen the video.

Surprisingly, Lindsay isn’t suing these two. LiLo just sued rapper Pitbull for including in a song the lyric, “Got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” which she claims has caused her “irreparable harm.”

I'm pretty sure Lindsay going to jail caused more irreparable harm than any song lyric could. Give me a break, every time Lindsay sues someone she gains a thousand more twitter followers. To me this seems like a win/win situation.

But if we’re talking Lindsay Lohan Lawsuits, my favorite is the E-Trade lawsuit. Lindsay sued E-Trade for a commercial that featured a talking baby character named “Lindsay.” Yah, that’s it. The baby was named Lindsay and claimed to be a “milkoholic” and this also caused Lindsay “irreparable” damage because everybody knows that Lindsay was addicted to milk as a child.

If Suvari and Ramirez are using Lindsay’s name to stay relevant, Lindsay is using lawsuits to stay relevant #justsayin.