Video: Behind The Scenes Of Liz & Dick

September 27, 2012 By:
Video: Behind The Scenes Of Liz & Dick

It’s been a while since Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into legal trouble (well, 2 days since she was hospitalized for asthma, which is a long time to go without Lindsay drama) and so we’re having to tide ourselves over with Lindsay’s actual work.

Here’s a brand new behind-the-scenes look at Lindsay in “Liz and Dick” which is being advertised as Lindsay’s first starring role in 5 years, because it is.

Lindsay’s co-star, Grant Bowler (who plays Richard Burton) was so impressed with Lindsay’s acting that he says it was like working with Liz Taylor herself! Oh my god.

“Lindsay is great to work with. She’s pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated,” says Bowler.

Whoa, that’s a loaded statement! Also, didn’t Liz Taylor pass away like last year?

Lindsay says she did well in the role because she and Elizabeth Taylor had so much in common.

“They had to go through life living in the public eye and how that can tear people apart,” says Lindsay, “I’m a huge Liz Taylor fan and I relate to her on a lot of levels and living in the public eye and dealing with the stress of what other people say and whether it’s true or not.”

According to this behind-the-scenes promo, Lindsay appears to have gotten over her own celebrity.

“You’re living your life for everyone to see and you get to a point where you become numb to it and you live your life how you want,” says Lindsay.

Now if only Lindsay would follow her own advice.

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