Tyson Beckford Slams Lindsay's Modeling Dreams

March 25, 2009 By:
Tyson Beckford Slams Lindsay's Modeling Dreams

Tyson Beckford just doesn’t think Lindsay Lohan has what it takes to be a model. And he’s not afraid to let her know! Lindsay recently opened up to Nylon magazine, and told them she wanted to model more, and act less.

At a Make Me A Supermodel party in NYC Tuesday, Tyrson told Us Weekly, "She has the partying part down right. But I don't think she’s got the focus. I mean, it requires a lot of focus and a lot of people think they can do it, but they really find that it's a lot harder."

Tyson knows a thing or two about the industry. He not only hosts the show Make Me A Supermodel, but he’s been in the business for years.

He went on to say, "Ask anyone - it's a lot harder than it looks. I guess that's why they call us supermodels - we make it look easy. But it’s not as easy as it looks, so I wish her all the best."

Can’t blame the guy for telling it like it is! Plus, not for nothing, but there aren’t too many models that are making a living at Lindsay’s height. It’s not one of those professions you can just decide one day that you want to do.

We just think Lindsay is lost right now and she’ll do anything to be making the money she used to make.