Truck Driver In Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Lawyers Up

June 11, 2012 By:
Truck Driver In Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Lawyers Up

It doesn’t look like Lindsay Lohan’s recent car crash drama is going away soon…

Despite her efforts to shake headlines on Friday by leaving the hospital mere hours after arriving from the scene of the crash, Lindsay Lohan’s car accident fiasco seems is here to stay. The truck driver has now hired a lawyer.

Why you ask? Oh, because he was totally injured when LiLo’s toy car bumped into his 16-ton truck…

According to TMZ, James the driver was hurt in the crash and wants money for his troubles. The development comes after James told doctors on Sunday that he felt fine, seeming to say, “Oh wait… I can make money off this? Yeah, my neck does hurt a little bit actually…”

Lindsay’s Porshe struck the ass-end of James’ semi early Friday afternoon on the PCH in Los Angeles.

A source told Hollyscoop that perusing paparazzi distracted Lindsay and caused the accident. She left three hours after being examined at the UCLA Medical center. Though the front of her car was totaled, Lindsay is “doing fine” and walked away with just scrapes and bruises.

Lindsay is taking her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the new Lifetime biopic “Liz and Dick” very seriously. According to a source, she has been staying in and avoiding old demons in order to stay focused on shooting.

"Every night she has stayed in with ONLY her assistant. But she's been getting calls from old "asshole" friends to go out but she has turned them down," the source told Hollyscoop.

Unfortunately, it sounds like James the asshole driver will be harder to ignore…