Timeline: Lindsay's Rehab Roller Coaster

March 18, 2013 By:
Timeline: Lindsay's Rehab Roller Coaster

On Monday, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in a “locked rehab facility” and 30 days of community service after agreeing to a plea deal. The star was on trial for violating her probation by lying to police about an accident on the PCH. 

Now let's recap all the times rehab hasn't worked before for the stumbling starlet...

January 17, 2007: Lindsay self checks into Wonderland Center Rehabilitation facility. Back when it was still cute for her to get into trouble.

May 26, 2007: DUI drama… Lindsay gets a new accessory: a sobriety bracelet.

August 23, 2007: After getting busted for another DUI and cocaine possession, Lindsay is ordered to attend an alcohol education program. Shortly after, she enters Cirque Lodge Treatment Center.

October 5, 2007: Lindsay is discharged from Cirque Lodge.

May 24, 2010: Lindsay gets another alcohol bracelet and is ordered to take more alcohol awareness classes. She’ll also undergo weekly drug tests. 

July 6, 2010: A probation violation lands Lindsay with a court-ordered 90-day in-patient rehab treatment… 

August 2, 2010: Lindsay enters a rehab facility to avoid further jail time. She was expected to stay for 90 days.

August 24, 2010: Surprise surprise, Lindsay gets out early, only serving 23 days of the rehab agreement. At the time, her lawyer said: “the treating doctors at UCLA felt she had done everything required of her there.” Yeah… that’ll totally work.

September 24, 2010: Lindsay fails a drug test. Wahwah… Back to Betty Ford for three more months!

November 1, 2011: The starlet gets slapped with a bill of $150,000 from Betty Ford. PETA offers to pay it if she agrees to go vegan.

February 22, 2012: It appears that Lindsay had made a turn for the better. Relating to her good behavior, a judge tells her, “you’re in the home stretch.” They were wrong.