The Do's and Don'ts of Lindsay's House Arrest

May 31, 2011 By:
The Do's and Don'ts of Lindsay's House Arrest

Go on house arrest at a Venice beach house? Yes please! Lindsay Lohan may be serving time for that whole stolen necklace ordeal, but trust me when I tell you life ain’t all that bad for her right now.

She’s currently serving time for violating her probation, and that includes kicking back and relaxing in a Venice beach house… with an ocean view.

Over the long weekend Lindsay was spotted sun bathing on the roof of her rented beach house, ankle monitoring bracelet and all. She can see the ocean from her roof, so what’s an annoying bracelet compared to all that?! While sunbathing, she was spotted reading scripts on her roof and posing for the paparazzi.

So what is Lohan allowed to do while serving her time? According to People, she’s only allowed to leave her house for medical appointments or to go to the probation department. But of course, she has to give an advanced notice for it. She has unlimited phone, internet and TV use and can have any many visitors as she wants.

What’s not allowed? Going outside the "interior premises" of the home without prior authorization; that'll set off her ankle bracelet. She’s not allowed to go to work related events, which is fine because she’s not exactly working right now. And lastly, she’s not allowed to tamper with the ankle monitor bracelet.

Call me crazy but this all sounds pretty sweet to me. She gets to chill in a multi million-dollar house and work on her tan all day long. How do I get me some Venice house arrest lovin?