Stars that Turned Down Awesome Movie Roles

January 15, 2012 By:
Stars that Turned Down Awesome Movie Roles

Earlier this week Jennifer Hudson admitted that she was the first choice to play Precious in the gritty Oscar winning film "Precious," but turned down the role because she was afraid to gain all that weight. "I had gained weight with Effie [her role in "Dreamgirls"] and as much as I was moved by this film, I wanted to try a role that had nothing whatsoever to do with my weight."

So she then went and appeared in the "Sex and The City" movie instead, because that was a great movie! Same caliber as "Precious" and everything!

So anyways, what other actors were "almost" in a movie. Or turned down a role at the last minute?

Will Smith: Will Smith was THIS close to playing Keanu Reeve's part in "The Matrix." You know, I could see "The Matrix" starring Will Smith instead, too bad Will choose the blue pill. Or the red pill? Whichever one is the wrong one, he chose that-ok, this Matrix reference is not working out.

Michelle Trachtenberg: Trachtenberg says she was almost cast as Bella Swan in the Twilight movies instead of Kristin Stewart, because director Catherine Hardwicke remembered liking her when she auditioned her for a role in the movie "Thirteen." What if Trachtenberg was playing opposite Robert Pattinson all these years? Would Pattinson still be single? Would he be dating Trachtenberg instead of K-Stew? Would the world still be flat and would monkeys learn to talk? So many possibilities.

Jennifer Aniston: Aniston was almost going to be on SNL. Apparently she went in for a meeting with Lorne Michaels and Adam Sandler recalls seeing her in the Hallways and got excited that SNL might hire a hot chick. Sorry early 90's lady comics, you just weren't that cute. However, Aniston reportedly turned down the role to be on a little-known show called "Friends." I think she made the right choice, then again, what if she became the next Tina Fey instead? Nahhh...too pretty.

Molly Ringwald: In a decision I'm sure she regrets, Molly Ringwald turned down the lead role in "Pretty Woman." Because of that decision, Ringwald will only ever be remembered when her name comes up whenever you play "80's pop culture" charades. And to think, she could have been as famous as Julia Roberts.

Cameron Diaz: Cameron Diaz was supposed to be in the 1995 movie, "Mortal Kombat" and pulled out of the movie at the last minute because she broke her hand. This was actually a good thing, because that movie sucked.

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise turned down both the role of Donnie Brasco in the film of the same name, and Johnny Depp eventually went on to play the part. Cruise was also supposed to be the lead in "Footloose." Kevin Bacon thanks him for it, because let's face it, Kevin Bacon is only famous because of his role in "Footloose."

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be in the first "The Hangover." She was offered the part that Heather Graham played and while it was a small part, maybe Lindsay wouldn't have had the career meltdown she has now if she accepted the role. Lindsay said the script had "no potential" which leads me to believe that Lindsay Lohan cannot read.

Robert Pattinson: Robert Pattinson is an idiot. He was offered the chance to audition for Daniel Day Lewis's leading role in "There Will Be Blood" and didn't go to the audition. Obviously the casting directors hadn't seen "Twilight" or they would have regretted letting him read for the part. That being said, I'd love to hear Robert Pattinson say "I drink your milkshake" in his British accent.

Hugh Jackman: I mean, he's great as wolverine, but Hugh Jackman was offered the role as James Bond before they gave it to Daniel Craig. On behalf of every lady in the world...What were you thinking?! That being said, Daniel Craig 'aint bad on the eyes either.

Helen Mirren: This is one weird casting mistake. Oscar winning Dame Helen Mirren was originally supposed to play the social worker Mrs. Weiss in the movie "Precious." Days before shooting, she pulled out of the project and was replaced by Mariah Carey. Wait what? They had a real actresses in that role and the next logical replacement was a pop star whose only acting credit was the movie "Glitter"?