Stars React to Lindsay's Tragic Hollywood Fall

July 7, 2010 By:
Stars React to Lindsay's Tragic Hollywood Fall

Lindsay Lohan has proved she's a complete mess, but it was still a big surprise that she was sentenced to 90 days in jail yesterday.

The harsh sentence has everyone talking, including Lindsay Lohan’s ex boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

Producers of Film: We Stand Behind Lindsay Lohan!

We caught up with Wilmer at the launch of his bff Enrique Iglesias new CD “Euphoria” by Target at My House, and in regards to Lindsay, he said, “Out of respect to her privacy I won't go there. I just wish her the best.”

Lindsay definitely needs all the luck, as reports are circulating she has no idea what she is in for. After all, this chain smoker will have no access to cigarettes or any of her painkillers while behind bars.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail!

So is Lindsay all to blame for her tragic downfall? Many are pointing fingers at her parents Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan. Her father has spent his fair share of time in jail for offenses related to driving under the influence of alcohol. And mother Dina Lohan is known to party with her daughter at clubs. She lived on Long Island with her three other children while Lindsay resided on the West Coast during her teenage years. Without parent supervision in a town like Hollywood, things were bound to unravel.

Wilmer Valderamma touched upon the importance of parent supervision for children in Hollywood. “I think it’s all about the rules you set at the beginning," he explained. "I think that is the bottom line, it’s your child and you know what is the best for them. If you think that they can handle it or not then you should make that call at some point. It’s the parent’s discretion--who am I to tell them what they can’t or can do. What I do know is that you can inspire you kid to be creative. There is an age where they will be able to separate their life’s. There is an age where this can happen you just have to make sure that mentally they are there and ready for the ups and downs.”

Enrique Igelsias, who comes from a family in show business, talked about how important it is to surround yourself with the right crowd. “I have always said you can take the negative road or the positive road. The main thing is to surround yourself with good people, good people that you trust. It’s so easy in this environment, in the whole thing that has to do with music, acting or showbiz to be surrounded by people that are always kissing your butt and never tell you the truth. That is how you lose a sense of reality and it’s not a good thing,” he said.

In Lindsay’s case she wasn’t surrounded by good people. Most of her friends were rumored to have supplied her with drugs and used her for her celebrity power. One celebrity pal however who is reaching out to Lindsay and wishing her luck is Kim Kardashian, who tweeted “"Sending positivity your way @LindsayLohan Love you! Everyone please send LL your sweet prayers. U never know when someone really needs it," the reality star wrote on Twitter shortly after the verdict was read in a Beverly Hills court Tuesday.

Lindsay responded, "Thank you so much @KimKardashian - thanks for being such a good friend, it means a lot to me."

Hopefully this stint in jail--followed by rehab again--will give Lindsay the fresh start she needs. After all let’s admit it, we all love a good Hollywood comeback story.