Source: No Doubt Lindsay Was Drinking

June 18, 2010 By:
Source: No Doubt Lindsay Was Drinking

Did Lindsay Lohan tamper with her SCRAM bracelet the night of the MTV Movie Awards after party?

Sources say that although her test for alcohol consumption came back negative, Lindsay was indeed drinking that night.

Lindsay Lohan Tests Negative for Alcohol is reporting that Lindsay's alcohol level was between .03 and .04 from midnight to 3AM on June 6th.

"There was absolutely no doubt that Lindsay was drinking, and the report that the alcohol monitoring service provided to Judge Revel was very detailed and extremely reliable," a source close to the situation said.

There are also reports that Lindsay's SCRAM bracelet appeared to have been tampered with. "The (SCRAM) report also says that Lohan's SCRAM bracelet had indeed been tampered with, and this is one of the reasons that Judge Revel determined that Lindsay violated terms of her bail," the source added.

Lindsay's rep says she took a urine test that indicated she had no alcohol in her system. The time of the test will be compared to the SCRAM data by both the prosecution and Lindsay's defense.

Lindsay's Ex is Worried About Her

Despite reports that the probation department has cleared Lindsay, Judge Revel still isn't 100% convinced.

Her next hearing in July 6th so stay tuned! Maybe this new assistant of hers can keep her on the straight and narrow! Apparently the new guy was an intern at a big agency in town, and was offered the job. We don't know which job sounds worse!