So Lindsay Lohan's Not Out?

September 27, 2008 By:
So Lindsay Lohan's Not Out?

Forget what you heard directly from the horse's mouth, because according to her publicist, Lindsay Lohan is not a lesbian.
Leslie Sloane-Zelnik is shooting down reports that Lindsay came out of the closet on Loveline this past Sunday night.

"There was no confession," the rep tells Well then why did Lindsay say she and Samantha have been dating for a "very long time" then, huh?? And why does Lindsay follow Samantha around to every single one of her DJing gigs?

We don't care how much you support one of your girl friend's jobs, there's just no way someone would waste that many weeknights at Hollywood clubs. Starts to get old after awhile if you're not getting a little something-something at the end of the night!

So who do you believe? Lindsay or her publicist?