Sheriff: Lindsay's Not Going Anywhere

July 27, 2010 By:
Sheriff: Lindsay's Not Going Anywhere

If Lindsay Lohan had hopes of leaving jail anytime this week, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department representative Steve Whitmore just crushed her dreams.

According to Whitmore, there's no way Lilo is leaving the pokey before August. He said, “She won’t be released this week.”

But that doesn't mean she's going to stay in there for the full 90 days, she could still be released as early as August 1.

Yesterday Lindsay's mom Dina and sister Ali paid her a little visit. They weren't allowed to visit her over the weekend because they had used up their visiting rights on her first day in prison last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's dad Michael is trying to convince Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Wahlberg to visit Lindsay in jail so they can give her a little peep talk about drugs. He told Nashville radio station 107.5 The River: “My people are reaching out to Robert Downey Jr. and to Mark Wahlberg. I know both of them and Mark is a tremendous human being.

“Hopefully they’ll see her before she gets out and she’ll get in this rehab and get off these prescription meds, and she’ll get her life back.”

Riiiight, because RDJ and Mark have nothing better to do than try to convince Lindsay, who doesn't think she has a problem, to get off drugs. But hopefully the rehab facility she ends up will do it for them. The last three times he was in rehab she took it a joke, calling it a vacation, so we'll see how 90 days works out this time.