Shawn Holley Saves Lindsay From Jail Time...Again

January 15, 2013 By:
Shawn Holley Saves Lindsay From Jail Time...Again
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The ongoing trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom shenanigans only got weirder, longer and more frustrating today.

Following her bizarre move to fire her longtime defender, Shawn Holley, the troubled actress was on the verge of going to jail. That is, until the abandoned Good Samaritan lawyer re-emerged and came to her rescue yet again…

It was a superhero-esque move that will go down in the celebrity history books as another instance of LiLo dodging the law.

It all started when, in the middle of a plea deal, Lindsay fired Holley, sending her a letter of termination via her new New York-based attorney, Mark Heller. Unfortunately, Heller is unlicensed in the state of California, where the pending lawsuit against the “Liz & Dick” star is taking place for lying to the cops about her PCH car crash in June.

Heller also just so happens to be an ex-con, according to Lindsay’s unquenchable father, Michael. More on that here.

Long story short: Heller didn’t show in court Tuesday for an arraignment and Lindsay was left with zero representation—a stunt that could have resulted in a bench warrant for her arrest.

However, according to TMZ, an outlet that has been following this spiraling case with the intensity of Dick Tracy hopped up on Adderall, Holley appeared in court anyway and did NOT tell the judge that she had been fired. Instead, she pleaded “not guilty” on LiLo's behalf.

Lindsay has apparently caught on to the sheer ridiculousness of her actions and has reportedly sent a new letter to Holley through Heller to reverse her previous decision… Still no news on whether Holley is willing to come back for real. 

In the meantime, the judge has ordered Lindsay to appear in court in person on January 30th. On that date they will hopefully get to the bottom of, among other things, who they hell is representing her right now.