Sean Penn Considering Collaboration with Lindsay Lohan

December 10, 2008 By:
Sean Penn Considering Collaboration with Lindsay Lohan

Say it isn't so! According to the New York Post, the super talented Sean Penn is considering a collaboration with part-time actress Lindsay Lohan. Doesn't he know that's a recipe for failure?

Last week there were reports circulating the net that Lindsay spotted Sean at a private dinner for gay activist Harvey Milk, and was later seen "nuzzling" the actor before going to an after party together. And now we know why. She was trying to convince him to hire her for a movie role.

"Lindsay and Sean were talking about possibly doing a film together," the eavesdropper told Page Six. "Lindsay seemed like she was really into the idea."

Well of course she's going to seem "really into the idea." She doesn't exactly have anything else on her plate. Why would someone like Sean Penn even consider working with Lohan? She used to be a great actress but her unprofessionalism has cost her a lot of work recently. Maybe he sees potential in her that we don't see? What do you guys think of the idea?