Sandra Bernhard: Lindsay Lohan Has 'Mommy Issues'

June 7, 2011 By:
Sandra Bernhard: Lindsay Lohan Has 'Mommy Issues'

Ever since Lindsay Lohan tested the waters of lesbianism, the public wants to know—is she a full-blown homosexual? Of course, there’s no real need to put a label on her, and overall, it shouldn’t matter. But then again, nothing about this chick should matter to us, and yet, we’re morbidly fascinated. So which is it?

Lindsay has dated her share of men, from Wilmer Valderrama to Calum Best, but Lohan dated Samantha Ronson, and proved she really felt something for her by dragging her into the depths of her drama.

Comedian Sandra Bernhard has had similar struggles.

“I’ve always straddled a fence. Penises frighten me.”

As far as the penis thing goes, I’ll give Sandra the same advice my mom gave me about spiders: They’re more scared of you than you are of them.

Sandra seems to think that Lindsay is indeed gay, saying she “probably has issues with her mother like all gay girls.”

You always hear about girls having daddy issues, but when your father is Michael Lohan, I’m guessing you can’t take him seriously enough to develop issues. But aside from all that, Bernhard makes a good point:

“It’s just time for people to be comfortable and not have to identify with anything. I’ve dated girls and guys.”

Bernhard has been not only a spokesperson for dealing with LGBT issues, but dealing with issues of self-worth.

“I know what I stand for,” Bernhard explains. “I don’t feel the need to change myself. I wish I looked like Angelina, but I look a certain way and I’ve inspired people.”

Kudos to Sandra for being able to make a career out of having a sense of humor about herself.