Samantha Ronson Slams Michael Lohan

August 28, 2008 By:
Samantha Ronson Slams Michael Lohan

Ding ding ding, the round IV has just begun. Yesterday Lindsay Lohan's estranged dad Michael Lohan blasted Samantha Ronson not once, not twice, but three times. Sam was going to take the high road but she said f*** it and launched her own attack. Check out her latest myspace blog:


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i really don't want to say anything because i feel like he wins- he, being the man who is so desperate for attention that he goes to the media whenever possible- i know i am being used, i am just a pawn- easy to sacrifice in order to feed his addiction. I was angry when i first read his attack on me, but- for me- i believe that actions speak louder than words... so now i just pity him- i am not standing in his way- i am not the reason that he has no contact with his daughter- he is- his need to throw a tantrum for the whole world to hear is- i am not going to go into a play by play defense- i feel no need to publicly defend my role in lindsay's life- i'm just sorry that she likes me more than him.

p.s. i'm not the one that is so lost that i need to use my relationship with lindsay to earn a living.... i am, always will and always have been here for her for her- not for anything I think it's safe to say that there is not now and never will be a tell all..... written by me..... when does your book come out mr. lohan?

What happened to the good old times when people would just call each other up and cuss each other out? This feud has become ridiculous. Next up is Dina Lohan. Can't believe she's waited so long to respond, she's just as desperate for press as the rest of them. So sad.