Sam Ditches Belated Birthday Party

August 21, 2008 By:
Sam Ditches Belated Birthday Party

Every year Samantha Ronson and her twin sister Charlotte Ronson celebrate their birthday together, but apparently Sam is now 'too famous' to keep up the tradition.

Although their birthday was a few weeks back, the sisters had planned their 31st bday bash at the Bowery Hotel with publicist Amanda Silverman this past Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, Sam was a no-show to her own bday because of the pesky paparazzi.

"The photographers must have caught on because they were outside the hotel. Sam and Lindsay were livid and just left to go do their own thing."

We're not pointing fingers or anything, but Lohan's camp is infamous for tipping off the paps. They basically have those guys on speed dial. As much as she pretends to be annoyed by their presence, she lives for getting her photo taken.