Report: Lindsay Lohan 'Forgot' To Pay Her Taxes Again

February 14, 2012 By:
Report: Lindsay Lohan 'Forgot' To Pay Her Taxes Again

And then she made her assistant ask some Canadian businessman to pay them for her.

Lindsay Lohan has had to fork over a ton of money in the past few years for rehab, bail, etc. It gets expensive, but hey, at least she doesn’t have to pay for her own jewelry (allegedly). But now, TMZ has discovered that Lindsay might have to fork over $140,203.30 to the good ol’ U.S. government.

According to documents filed yesterday at the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office, Lindsay never paid her federal income taxes for 2010. She also forgot to pay Uncle Sam in 2009, when she owed the government $93,701.57. She offered to let Uncle Sam photograph her nipple but then realized he’s not actually a person.

No comment from Lindsay, but previously, she blamed her accountants for the mistake in 2009. So probably, they screwed up again for 2010. H&R Block. That’s all I’m saying.

Meanwhile, Lindsay might be undergoing an image over haul. She’s been taking steps from the Diane Keaton school of style. Arriving back in Los Angeles after a weekend in NYC, Lindsay wore geek-chic thick-rimmed glasses and paired it with a tuxedo blazer. Nary a boob in sight!

While in NYC, Lindsay continued with the black blazer look, pairing it with flared jeans and a simple gray sweater. She completed it with a pair of round sunglasses and a black bag. Lindsay then attended a party for Purple Magazine, and as the Daily Mail put it:

“She cut an unusually stylish appearance in the outfit, which featured a high-neck and pleated skirt… Lindsay has made a series of rather careworn appearances on the red carpet of late. But it appears that she may have started taking more care when it comes to her wardrobe choices.”