Report: Lindsay Lohan Facing Ban from India

March 19, 2010 By:
Report: Lindsay Lohan Facing Ban from India

Lindsay Lohan may have thought she was doing a good deed when visiting India late last year. But the truth is, she did more damage than anything else! According to the Daily Mail, Lohan now faces a possible ban from reentering the country, all because of an embellished tweet.

As you may recall, Lindsay took to her Twitter while in India to shoot a BBC documentary about child trafficking, and claimed she had rescued 40 children in one day alone. "Over 40 children saved so far ... Within one day's work ... This is what life is about ... Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!" she said. That statement alerted officials who discovered she had broken the country's visa rules by traveling as a tourist while working on the production.

Activists involved in raids have come forward now, criticizing her comments and accusing her of trivializing the issue of child trafficking. They also claim Lindsay did not arrive in India until after the raids had been completed and the children had been rescued.

Now she may not be able to visit India again after officials looked at her case and found she had failed to apply for a work visa for her trip. Senior civil servants in New Delhi are now studying the case and will rule on whether her name will be added to an immigration blacklist.

How embarrassing! And that’s not the only place Lindsay is getting blacklisted. Last night, she was forced to wait outside behind velvet ropes for fifteen minutes at new LA hotspot Trousdale. She later tweeted, "I've never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to LA- isn't security, after I respect them and their work and tip."

When’s this girl going to realize we all just want her to disappear for a little while?