Rehab Staffer Drops Suit Against Lindsay

December 25, 2010 By:
Rehab Staffer Drops Suit Against Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan is off the hook.

Dawn Holland, the rehab staffer that accused Lilo of assault, has dropped the charges against her and now refuses to cooperate with authorities in regards to the investigation. Shady shady.

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, "Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution."

Lindsay's Accuser Has a Violent Past

Davidson also told TMZ that if Lindsay counter sued, she wouldn't respond.
He added that Dawn does not want "in any way shape or form to do anything that would violate Lindsay's probation or cause an arrest."

He added, "A crime has quite simply not been committed by Ms. Lohan."

This comes just days after Dawn's ex husband went on record calling her a gold digger and revealed her violent past.

It seems for the first time in a long time Lindsay was telling the truth and she was innocent. Guess people can change after all!