Rehab Employee Paid Off to Decline Charges Against Lindsay

January 21, 2011 By:
Rehab Employee Paid Off to Decline Charges Against Lindsay

Dawn Holland, the woman that accused Lindsay Lohan of drinking and doing drugs and filed battery charges against her while she was at Betty Ford all of sudden had a change of heart right before Lindsay was released.

She claimed that Lindsay did nothing wrong and that she didn't want to pursue any charges against her (even though Lilo sprained her wrist during the scuffle). She even refused to cooperate with investigators about Lindsay's reported night out drinking. So what gives? A nice check for $25,000 that’s what!

Dawn dropped her lawyer, Keith Davidson, as soon as the secret deal was made, but now he's talking up a storm about it a "source" is spilling the beans about the transaction.

“The fired Betty Ford worker who accused Lindsay Lohan of criminal battery secretly cut a $25,000 deal with the Hollywood actress’ camp after refusing to testify against her, Radaronline reports.

Dawn told law enforcement she wanted charges of battery against Lindsay dropped and then-lawyer Davidson said “nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution".

I'm not necessarily shocked that this gold digging disgruntled employee would cut a deal with Lindsay's camp for $25K, I'm more surprised that Lindsay's camp has that kind of money to throw around.

Seriously, WTF has she done with her life lately? Her tanning line sucks and her leggings aren't that great either. And we all know she hasn't stared in a decent movie in ages...#justsaying