Quentin Tarantino To Cast Lindsay Lohan in Movie

April 13, 2010 By:
Quentin Tarantino To Cast Lindsay Lohan in Movie

Oscar-nominated director Quentin Tarantino may be Lindsay Lohan's ticket back to stardom. We hear talk that he is interested in casting her in an upcoming film of his.

According to the report, Tarantino has a "hardcore" character in mind for Lindsay that he thinks may help resurrect her career that's recently spiraled out of control. “Lindsay is just the kind of character Quentin loves,” an insider told AbsoluteNow.com.

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“No one expects her to do anything significant on film ever again, but he has at least one role he feels she would be perfect for. It’s a shocking, hardcore character but it will put her back on the map much as Quentin did for John Travolta.”

As you may recall, Travolta's career was in the toilet until Tarantino put him in Pulp Fiction. Plus, the director is apparently a big fan of Lohan. He said previously, “I’ve always loved Lindsay. She is a terrific, terrific actor. I think the work she did in Freaky Friday was just top notch acting."

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We can't tell if that comment is supposed to be a joke or not. But Tarantino is a brilliant director who always makes stellar films, so we'd trust him if he gave Lindsay a shot in his next film!