Psychotherapist: Lindsay Lohan Is In Store for More Pain

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Psychotherapist: Lindsay Lohan Is In Store for More Pain
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Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to three months of locked up rehab. She received the final order this morning after the voice in her head whispered to her that her original flight wasn't safe, then risked flying in a private jet instead, well aware that it could put her behind schedule and then showing up almost an hour late to her court hearing.

Not Breaking News: LiLo needs some major structure and psychiatric help in her life. If it weren't for her mandated court date, she'd barely even know what day it is.

While the sentencing may look like an easy break on paper for the routinely and notoriously undisciplined actress, it might be exactly what she needs to—prepare to sigh and sigh loudly—get her act together once and for all.

According to treatment experts, as much as society's collective Schadenfreude wishes, jail isn't the ultimate solution for addicts, celebrity or not.

‪"I think that 90 days is great. Her going to jail doesn't serve a purpose and will not treat the underlying problem here. But it also depends on what type of treatment center she goes to," Dr. Howard Samuels, founder of The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, a celeb rehab retreat tells Hollyscoop.

‪"She has to go to one that is very structured in order for it to be effective. The 12-step program is crucial here and she is no stranger to the program," Dr. Samuels elaborates. ‬

‪"I do psychotherapy with patients and it is a Band-Aid. I feel that Lindsay can absolutely turn her life around. She is only 26. She is in store for more pain here as she gets help, but there has to be a shift here."‬

Is the 90 days of rehab + 30 days of community service + 180 days in psychiatric therapy = the equation to solve her problems? Let's hope so. For her sake.