Psycho Paparazzo is After Lindsay Lohan

December 18, 2010 By:
Psycho Paparazzo is After Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's stalkers are out of control this week.

Lindsay had to be moved from the sober house at Betty Ford after Sam Lutfi started sending her psycho texts and now there's another idiot after her.

Some random paparazzi has been stalking Lindsay's every move and it's gotten so bad she's going to file a restraining order.

According to TMZ, some photog in a Prius follows her everywhere, running up to her car and yelling at her every time her car comes to a stop.

It's one thing to follow her and just snap photos like a regular pap, but this guy clearly has some serious issues. Lindsay's camp hasn't filed any paperwork yet, but it's definitely on their to-do list this coming week.

Poor girl can't get clean without dealing with bullshit drama every day. No wonder she's in therapy.