Psychiatrist: Lindsay Needs Intensive Rehab, Not Jail

September 24, 2010 By:
Psychiatrist: Lindsay Needs Intensive Rehab, Not Jail

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to jail for another 30 days, but is that best solution for her right now?

Judge Fox didn't even want to listen to Lindsay's excuses this time and sent her back to jail for 30 days without bail. But we all know she needs professional inpatient rehab, not more time behind bars.

John Sharp, M.D., a psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist specializing in the treatment of attention deficit, mood and anxiety disorders in adolescents and adults-- who has not treated Lindsay--thinks she needs more support and intensive treatment rather than jail.

"I think right now Lindsay Lohan has the opportunity take more seriously the need for her treatment than she has ever before. It’s not just because she failed her drug's not just because she may be facing jail time. An addict has a chronic relapsing illness," Dr. Sharp told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY.

He continued, "These kinds of stumbles are not unexpected. Its really an opportunity for her to commit to a higher level of treatment. Perhaps she should be back in the hospital or perhaps she needs a greater support around her so that she wont fall prey to the kind of temptations she has had.

"The best treatment for her certainly is not going back to jail, it’s a consequence she will have to take because of her breaking this rule. The best consequence would be intensifying her treatment so that she has the support that she needs."

Lindsay won't even be released early due to overcrowding; she has to serve the entire 30 days! We hope this is the wake up she needs to finally get her life together. Her life has become a circus at this point.