Producer of Liz Taylor Biopic Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'Perfect'

April 24, 2012 By:
Producer of Liz Taylor Biopic Says Lindsay Lohan Is 'Perfect'

It’s official, Lindsay Lohan has definitely signed on to play Liz Taylor in the Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick. Everything you heard before was just hearsay and now the producer, Larry Thompson, has confirmed it. Not only that, but he calls Lindsay Lohan “perfect” and says she has “sparkle.”

Are we talking about the same Lindsay Lohan?

Thompson revealed to E! exclusively that “we have wanted Lindsay from day one.”

No seriously, does he KNOW who Lindsay Lohan is? Lindsay Lohan, house arrest, gets in fights at clubs, hits people with her car, doesn’t show up to court on time, and hangs out at morgues? Are we talking about the same person?

Thompson seems to find Lindsay’s troubled past appealing.

“She had a lot in her life that was going on,” says Thompson, “We needed to give her time to take care of her business, and while we negotiated the deal for her, we prayed for her and wonderfully she has behaved. She’s cleared herself and we’re ready to start this movie.”

If you say sooooo….

“We truly feel that Lindsay Lohan is perfect for Elizabeth Taylor for our movie…I think Lindsay-who is very gifted-deserved another chance,” says Thompson, “We never, of three pages of ‘what if’s’ in the negotiating, there never was ‘what if she can’t act.’ We know she can act.”

Here’s the part of the interview where he says that Lindsay Lohan has “sparkle.” LOL.

“We could hire actresses that would be great and people would watch it, but I think that Lindsay brings to Elizabeth Taylor and to our project that sparkle of magic, that sparkle of today.”

The movie begins filming on June 4th and is set to air on the Lifetime Network in October.