Playboy to Release Lindsay Lohan Issue Early

December 10, 2011 By:
Playboy to Release Lindsay Lohan Issue Early

Playboy was really hoping that Lindsay Lohan’s nude photos were going to stay under wraps, but after they were leaked online this week, they’re planning on releasing the issue early.

The leak caused such a frenzy, Hef tweeted that they’re going to release the issue earlier than expected.

"Because of the interest & the Internet leak, we're releasing the Lindsay Lohan issue early," Hefner tweeted Friday. "The Lindsay Lohan issue of Playboy is going to be a true Collector's Edition . . . Lindsay Lohan was the top search name on the Internet yesterday. Her issue goes on sale late next week. Hot. Hot. Hot."

Lindsay was supposed to debut the cover on The Ellen Degeneres show but all the photos leaked online before she even got a chance to film the episode. Oopsy daisy.

So how did it leak? "Someone took photos of Lindsay's pictorial in an advanced copy of the January/February issue. They posted the photos online without permission. We are not releasing any official images or information until December 15," a rep for the mag said in a statement.

According to Us Weekly, an anonymous Russian hacker took credit for the leak explaining to FoxNews that he discovered the photos on a file-sharing website in Russia. Again, oopsy daisy.

Playboy is hoping the Lindsay issue will be one of their best sellers so they can get their money back. She reportedly got paid $1 million to take it all off.

"All I cared about is how I got them," said the hacker, "When I've done it before, Playboy sent a e-mail to take down the links, and I do," he said.

We’ve all be so busy with the leaked photos, no one has published anything from the actual article. I know, I know, people read Playboy for the articles?

In the issue Lindsay talks about her personal life and the media coverage surrounding all her legal and personal issues. "I have no idea why there is this fascination with everything I do."

And while the entire world is googling ‘Lindsay Lohan leaked Playboy pics,” Lindsay is hanging loose in Hawaii. She got approval from the judge in her probation case to go to Hawaii for a mini vacation because she’s on track to finish her community service. Celebrities: they’re just like us. Not really.