Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan's Puffy Face

May 11, 2012 By:
Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Lindsay Lohan's Puffy Face

Forget “duck lips”, the newest Hollywood trend is the “pillow face” and Lindsay Lohan is it’s newest poster child.

Lindsay Lohan stepped out to television upfronts for the A&E network in New York on Wednesday night and it was hard to avoid her very full and plump face.

What’s up with Lindsay’s suspiciously puffed up face?

Hollyscoop spoke to plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars Robert Kotler M.D. to get the scoop on why Linsday’s face is so puffy?

Kotler tells us the fullness in her face is the result of “fillers into and around upper and lower lips.”

Many wondered if the swollen face was a result of too much partying? Kotler says Lindsay’s most likely got a filler addiction and that she’s probably using too many popular fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.

Mind you, Lindsay is only 25 and Kotler calls her filler use, “unnatural” and “obvious.”

“It has been overdone,” he says, “Natural-appearance is the goal, always.”

Kotler says the puffy face is not likely a result of weight gain. It’s all because of too much facial fillers!

The good thing is, there’s a way to reverse the damage done.

“The popular fillers are well-regarded by medical specialists because, in fact, they can be dissolved by another type of medication. Good to know that there is a remedy,” says Kotler.